Thursday, May 13, 2010

How to catch a cheating girlfriend

Back in the day men were notoriously classified as cheaters and were known to cheat more than women. Well now the scales are balancing out. If you're wondering why because they are cheating for the same reasons men are:( it's someone new, naughty and some what exciting). How ever there are other reasons that motivate women to cheat for example for being an unappreciated wife or girlfriend, putting up with their partners who wasn't affectionate, don't listen or ignore them. But women aren't as blase out as men are because women are more likely to feel guilty about it. But women are known to be much better at lying about their affairs than men. So how can you tell if she is cheating on you and lying about it? Look for signs and acknowledge them. Many times the spouse or boyfriend will recognize some of the signs and discard them. Men do this more than woman because they don't over analyze things the way woman do.

These are the things to look out for:
*Suddenly changing her style
*If it look like she don't have enough time for you anymore like she use to
*If she act like she don't want to be around you as much
*If she go in another room to talk away from you
*If she stay out late or at other people house you don't know when you caller
*If she always lie and say she's somewhere when she's not

Please share any other strategies you have to catch a cheating girlfriend